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Swindoll Intergrity "It is the things that we go through that prove our faith and test our godly character. It comes from living in faith.

Christmas "Faith is simply your response to the message of God's love and grace. Fear "Self belief is the root of the confidence you need, meaning you have faith in all your experience and expertise to make the right decisions, particularly when under pressure. Forgive the worst. Forget the bad. Always have faith. Surely He can do a small thing like build a church that is rich in diversity. And given our history, when it happens we will all know that it is the Lord's good doing. Trillia J. Newbell, United Diversity "Peter's walk stands as an invitation to everyone who, like him, wants to step out in faith and experience more of the power and presence of God.

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When people of faith read the Bible, God tells them what to do. We are to place our faith trust in God and His trustworthiness and the promise of His Word. Pastor Paul Rika, The Key of Your Life is in Your Hand Listening I believe if you keep your faith, you keep your trust, you keep the right attitude, if you're grateful, you'll see God open up new doors. Joel Osteen New Beginning Fear imprisons, faith liberates; fear paralyzes, faith empowers; fear disheartens, faith encourages; fear sickens, faith heals; fear makes useless, faith makes serviceable. Harry Emerson Fosdick Quotes to Live By A life of faith is a life of gratitude - it means a life in which I am willing to experience my complete dependence upon God and to praise and thank him unceasingly for the gift of being.

Henri J. Faith is the belief that God will do what is right.

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Simply start living by faith, pray earnestly and humbly, and get into the habit of looking expectantly for the best. Faith that is rooted, not in how we feel but in how we live, survives the emotional roller coaster of the holiday seasons. Joseph Krempa, Captured Fire Stress And one of the best ways to grow in faith is to share your faith. Then one day I stopped worrying and put into practice what I had read in the Bible.

Eunice Tawney, False Teachings Worry I think we all would do better to pray prayers that ask God to increase our faith before He increases our joy.

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Doubt talks in the language of man. Kenyon Doubt Within the Christian church, we seem to be perennially short of workers - there is always more to do than people willing to do it. We need to make the best use of those we have, which is why good teamwork is so important. Gordon Jones, Teamwork Teamwork My mother's grace was such that her help could always be accepted without embarrassment by the recipient. She lived the basic principle of the Jewish faith: do good to others.

Ludvik Wieder, I Promised My Mother Helping Others It doesn't matter how huge the mountains in our lives and communities seem to be, they are nothing for the woman or man of faith. G B Woodcock, One with Christ Series Three Change The reason birds can fly and we can't is simply because they have perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings.

Barrie Quotes that Make You Smile Christian giving is not a matter of finance, it is a matter of faith. Privacy Policy.

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Search website. The situations that will stretch your faith most will be those times when life falls apart and God is nowhere to be found. Remember that God gives you struggles to test your faith.


Olivia Benjamin, Billy Graham: Graham, 70 Greatest Life Lessons Life and Struggles Throughout the day, we have the choice to have faith that God is in control, meaning all that happens is for my greater good, or we can go around in fear, worried and negative expecting the worst. Mother Teresa Faith "Do you want good to come to you from God, then be generous, lend freely and conduct your affairs with justice. It comes down to faith and trust.

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Pope Benedict XVI Jesus We can't enjoy what God has promised us in Christ - forgiveness, a new life here on earth, and eternal life with him someday in heaven - unless we respond to his offer. Matt Eachus, Gospel Heaven Whenever I began to question whether God exists, I looked up to the sky and surely there, right there, between the sun and moon, stands my grandmother, singing a long meter hymn, a song somewhere between a moan and a lullaby and I know faith is the evidence of things unseen. And all I have to do is continue trying to be a Christian. Maya Angelou, Letter to My Daughter Question God longs for a close, intimate and personal relationship with each one of us, it's up to us to choose if we will develop that closeness or not.

Becky Van Volkinburg, God's Word, Your Voice Relationship If you decide that what God is asking you to do with your life is just too much on you and is just a little too inconvenient, then you will never see the miracles he has for you. Andy Stanley, Visioneering Miracle Worship leaves us more open and receptive to God, to hear both warnings and consolations. It is equally amazing the mess we can make of things when we charge out on our own. Andy Stanley, Visioneering Amazing If God exists and your destination after physical death is based on the choices you make in this life, would the truth about eternity be important?

Carey W. Digsby Jr. Just as water always seeks and fills the lowest place, so the moment God finds the creature humble and empty, His glory and power flow in to raise up and bless. Andrew Murray, Humility Blessed May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans Hope "Therefore, if you at first do not receive what you have been praying and even fasting for, instead of "taking a break" from your faith, draw nearer to God by increasing the time you spend praying, praising and reading His Word as well as by living right.

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It's wonderful that we have Him to put our faith in. Grace coupled with your faith in what God has made available to you through Jesus Who is the Word of God will allow men to live the life he was meant to have. He is not merely some figure out of history or the object of some sentimental story from our childhood. He is God. Hawkins, The Joshua Code Believe In God Quotes When we hear what God has done with others, it inspires us and expands our hearts with greater faith, vision, and purpose.