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The fact that the one-on-one aerial skirmishes between gentleman aces of the first world war are replaced by the sustained civilian bombing and anonymous mass destruction of the second is a development in modern warfare that passes seemingly unobserved in the Biggles corpus. They each flew for their country during the wars, and each continued in the postwar period in pursuit of espionage. He does not fight von Stalhein; rather, he insipidly gathers evidence, marshals a case. His outmoded view of the pilot feeds inevitably into an anachronistic construction of his environments.

Suffice it to say that several islands were examined without result. The assortment of humanity in Biggles in Australia is forced by Johns to conform to this hierarchy of aviation nobility. The plot is secondary, diversionary; it allows cover for the collection and transmission of information about nuclear materials to the communist forces.

Down Under by Tam Ames

His outmoded sensibilities towards the nobility of aviation are by necessity here staged in an anachronistic, fictional version of Australia. Even his racism is of an order outdated by the s. Adam Nicol completed his Ph. His research interests include nineteenth-century science and literature, the elder Romantics and evolutionary theory. Topics: books fiction history warfare. A few years after the war, Jean is back in England, the nightmare behind her. However, an unexpected inheritance inspires her to return to Malaya to give something back to the villagers who saved her life.

In their time together, father and daughter explore new depths of understanding and bonding. After a nuclear World War III has destroyed most of the globe, the few remaining survivors in southern Australia await the radioactive cloud that is heading their way and bringing certain death to everyone in its path. Among them is an American submarine captain struggling to resist the knowledge that his wife and children in the United States must be dead. Then a faint Morse code signal is picked up, transmitting from somewhere near Seattle, and Captain Towers must lead his submarine crew on a bleak tour of the ruined world in a desperate search for signs of life.

Through the story of two brothers who grew up in patriotic, suburban Melbourne, George Johnston created an enduring exploration of two Australian myths — that of the man who loses his soul as he gains worldly success, and that of the tough, honest, Aussie battler. After lunch, a group of three of the girls climbed into the blaze of the afternoon sun, pressing on through the scrub into the shadows of Hanging Rock. Further, higher, till at last they disappeared.

Poking Her Down Under

They never returned. In Monkey Grip , Helen Garner charts the lives of a generation.

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Her characters are exploring new ways of loving and living — and nothing is harder than learning to love lightly. Nora and Javo are trapped in a desperate relationship.

Two Up Down Under

The harder they pull away, the tighter the monkey grip. A lyrical, gritty, rough-edged novel that deserves its place as a classic of Australian fiction. This is the extraordinary life of an ordinary man. It is the story of Albert Facey, who lived with simple honesty, compassion and courage. A parentless boy who started work at eight on the rough West Australian frontier, he struggled as an itinerant rural worker, survived the gore of Gallipoli, the loss of his farm in the Depression, the death of his son in World War II and that of his beloved wife after sixty devoted years — yet he felt that his life was fortunate.

On their vast estates, the landowning families of the plains have preserved a rich and distinctive culture. Obsessed with their own habitat and history, they hire artisans, writers and historians to record in minute detail every aspect of their lives, and the nature of their land. A young film-maker arrives on the plains, hoping to make his own contribution to the elaboration of this history.

In a private library he begins to take notes for a film, and chooses the daughter of his patron for a leading role. Set among the surf and sandhills of the Australian beach — and the tidal changes of three generations of the Lang family — this bestselling collection of short stories is an Australian classic. The Bodysurfers vividly evokes the beach, with the scent of the suntan oil, the sting of the sun and a lazy sensuality, all the while hinting at a deep undercurrent of suburban malaise. From first publication, these poignant and seductive stories marked a major change in Australian literature.

Henry Lawson is too often regarded as a legend rather than a writer to be enjoyed. In this selection John Barnes reveals Lawson not only as a writer who has delighted past generations. His short stories, some humourous, some wry, some moving are, above all, enjoyable.

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In this extraordinary book, Bruce Chatwin has adapted a literary form common until the eighteenth century though rare in ours; a story of ideas in which two companions, traveling and talking together, explore the hopes and dreams that animate both them and the people they encounter. Why do wandering people conceive the world as perfect whereas sedentary ones always try to change it?

Why have the great teachers — Christ or the Buddha — recommended the Road as the way. Oscar is a young English clergyman who has broken with his past and developed a disturbing talent for gambling. A country girl of singular ambition, Lucinda moves to Sydney, driven by dreams of self-reliance and the building of an industrial Utopia.

Together this unlikely pair create and are created by the spectacle of mid-nineteenth century Australia. The Lambs have suffered their own catastrophes, and determined to survive, they open up a grocery on the ground floor. From to , the shared experiences of the two overpopulated clans — running the gamut from drunkenness, adultery, and death to resurrection, marriage, and birth — bond them to each other and to the bustling, haunted house in ways no one could have anticipated.

Caught between the old-world values of her Italian grandmother, the nononsense wisdom of her mom, and the boys who continue to mystify her, Josephine is on the ride of her life. When Ellie and her friends return from a camping trip in the Australian bush, they find things hideously wrong — their families are gone. Gradually they begin to comprehend that their country has been invaded and everyone in their town has been taken prisoner. As the reality of the situation hits them, they must make a decision — run and hide, give themselves up and be with their families, or fight back.

I Couldn’t Believe I Was Doing This

Cult shared-housing comedy classic. These hilarious tales of urban terror reveal the dark truth hidden behind three seemingly innocent words — a phrase that you have seen a hundred times before but will never view in the same light again — wanted to share. Following an Australian government edict in , black aboriginal children and children of mixed marriages were gathered up by whites and taken to settlements to be assimilated. At the settlement, Milly and her relatives Gracie and Daisy were forbidden to speak their native language, forced to abandon their aboriginal heritage, and taught to be culturally white.

After regular stays in solitary confinement, the three girls scared and homesick planned and executed a daring escape from the grim camp, with its harsh life of padlocks, barred windows, and hard cold beds. He met Candy amid a lush Sydney summer. Gorgeous, sexy, free-spirited Candy. They fell in love fast, lots of laughter and lust, the days melting warmly into each other.

He never planned to give her a habit. But she wanted a taste. Candy had a bit of money and in the beginning, everything was beautiful. Heady, heroin-hazed days, the world open and inviting. But when the money ran out, the craving remained, and the days ceased their luxurious stretch. When Ellen turns nineteen Holland makes an announcement: she may marry only the man who can correctly name the species of each of the hundreds of gum trees on his property. Ellen is uninterested in the many suitors who arrive from around the world, until one afternoon she chances on a strange, handsome young man resting under a Coolibah tree.

To his pursuers, Kelly is nothing but a monstrous criminal, a thief and a murderer. To his own people, the lowly class of ordinary Australians, the bushranger is a hero, defying the authority of the English to direct their lives. Indentured by his bootlegger mother to a famous horse thief who was also her lover , Ned saw his first prison cell at 15 and by the age of 26 had become the most wanted man in the wild colony of Victoria, taking over whole towns and defying the law until he was finally captured and hanged.

Here is a classic outlaw tale, made alive by the skill of a great novelist. Ed Kennedy is an underage cabdriver without much of a future. As well as the journey and the story of Miss October, there are over original photos mostly in colour with a focus on both flying and on vintage aircraft in Australia. As well as the journey, the story of Miss October is told, and, as would be expected, there are over photos mostly in colour as there is a focus on both flying and on vintage aircraft in Australia.

He is an aerospace engineer, a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, ex-Chairman of the Royal Aeronautical Society Rotorcraft Committee, author of aviation books and articles, aircraft owner, private pilot and aviation photographer.

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