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We believe the Third Temple is going to be rebuilt.

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Erickson-Hull visited Israel twice as a teenager as part of Christian musical tours. The first time was immediately after the Gulf War in His strongest memory was a sense of tension in the street. He fondly recalls that his Jewish tour guide, Shlomo ben Asher, was very sympathetic to the group of Christian teens. Although their bus had rocks thrown at it by young Palestinians, he watched the Palestinian Arab bus driver and the Jewish tour guide play cards together.

End-time Prophecy

He returned four years later and stayed in the Sea of Galilee area. I love Jerusalem and would love to come back. Please God, I will go back. In the s, all of this was not known to me. The people who take Psalm seriously, believe it was the word of God from the mouth of David.

Endtime Ministries | End of the Age | Irvin Baxter

Those who are followers of God must pray for Israel. I tell people to get ready, be ready, watch for the signs , live upright and be prepared for whatever may come. So many thing correlate at the same time and I also have a gut feeling. Erickson-Hull concluded with a strong message of support for Israel.

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I want to encourage Christians to not let go of that. If the denomination they belong to turns on Israel, I recommend that they boycott that denomination. It's intertwined," says Bob Kiner, a retired high school teacher and college professor. He's heard and seen the secrets that the quaint and quiet streets of Sioux Falls have hidden for a number of years.

They are whacked out, what is it," says Kiner. It is also a place where a controversial religion called Meade Ministries, or End Times Ministries, which is now based in Lake City, Florida, got its start. First Baptist in Sioux Falls, opened its chapel doors to a group of kids who came to the church each night to sing and read scriptures.

End Times Prophecy

I remember at first not feeling that comfortable, but wanting to know more. Cutler says what started out as a small gathering of about ten kids began to grow, and concerns began to grow too. It started making people uncomfortable here and the church, and so we felt it was time to go somewhere else. Meade also preached they would be the only ones to survive God's wrath in the end times, prophesied in the Bible. According to those who have left the group, the End Timers targeted those in high school or college.

You don't even know it's happening.

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  • They just kind of grab them," says Roger Peterson. Peterson, and his wife Vonda, lost their three teenage daughters, 20 years ago, to what they call a cult.

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    The group was nestled between two college campuses and just blocks away from Lincoln High School, where students were recruited to become members. Those friends were the best, the smartest outstanding kids in high school. They were leaders. They were terrific students and I think they were looking for meaning in life," says Kiner. Kiner says he spent all of his free time trying to find out what End Time Ministries really was. Kiner fought back tears as he remembered some of the early days and students who were trapped inside the group.

    One of our very best students ended up dying giving birth to a baby in a bathtub because they didn't medical help. And when you feel that intensely about those kids, as a public school educator, you have a responsibility to do everything you can to help. Today, you will find homes dotted along the path to the church, in numerous subdivisions, which only belong to End Timers.

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    We found the place where they lived because of roofing, but we couldn't get access to them.