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When you live in a society where psychic power is everything and you lose your own, common sense dictates that you should avoid everything that would pull attention to you. That means no participating in sport events where psychic power is the way you pl This dystopian Middle Grade book would have been an easy 3-stars were it not for a few big things. Where was the parenting? The biggest thing of all, no doing anything your evil older brother says or going anywhere alone with him, especially when you can detect his evil intent from a mile and a galaxy away. But he made so many bad decisions that I found it hard to believe the kid was still alive by the end of Part 1 of the book.

The kid was lucky that the villains were not more wicked. However, what really grated on my nerves was his Guilt Complex.

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Not only was it annoying, it presented the character as a Jesus type of hero. I knew from the blurb that Taemon was going to be the Chosen One, but not in a Jesus-y way. Fortunately, this crap arose only intermittently. Nevermind the equally great possibility that humanity could use the knowledge for the greater good because cynicism , which made little sense given how easy the villagers confessed the secret to Taemon, an outsider. Readers know Taemon is a good person Jesus! And the fact that the setting was in a religious context, I did not care to explore what the bent could mean and go farther on the path of critical thinking because I was sure it would make me more annoyed and mad.

I remembered Amma because she had traits of a kickass heroine and more right to be the main character than Taemon did. Other than her, I did not remember any other character introduced after Part 1. The characters I did remember, I had nothing but complaints. The book dismissed his mother and father after Part 1, never to be heard from again, and became another case of the Disappearing Parent Syndrome.

There was little explanation for why Yens became evil other than bad parenting read: no parenting and Uncle Fierre who spoiled him.

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Okay, so maybe that is all the explanation needed but the character felt like he was just born evil rather than a case of bad nurturing in the sense that someone needed to be evil aside from the evil mastermind. In sum, what little can be called family dynamics were so awkwardly done that, to reiterate, the book would have better off making Taemon an orphan with a mysterious past. I did appreciate that Taemon was given a break in the form of a best friend, Moke. For all the characterization of Taemon as a special snowflake, less than average Moke was more interesting.

Freakling (Psi Chronicles) (Compact Disc)

If Amma had first place in having the most rights to be the main character, Moke had second place, which is why it really sucked what happened to him at the end. So much for that break. As for the main villain, Elder Naseph was your typical corrupted priest who wanted the world as his oyster because being high priest is not enough. All the characters were either good or evil. In Conclusion I rate Freakling 2-stars for it was okay. A thing I did like was like the religion and how it was based on nature with Mother Nature as the divine power, the True Son as her Jesus, and how psychic power was the privilege bestowed on her chosen people.

However, I wish more creative liberties were taken because the religion felt like a clone of Christianity. In regard to the plot, Part 1 was too long which made for a slow beginning, and frustrating because of the hero. Part 2 was meh, and with no sign of character growth on the hero I skimmed. Part 3 was where good action happened but I ceased to care back in Part 2. This was a very entertaining book.

May 04, Kyra rated it it was amazing. I just finished Freakling and I thought it was a fabulous story. The book is debuting in October, but I received an advanced copy from a teacher at my school who went to a book convention in Chicago. I was ecstatic to read a book that has yet to be published but little did I know that the plot and characters would be so multi-dimensional and intriguing that I hardly put it down.

The main character, Taemon, is a boy with great intellect and deep thoughts. I applaud Lana Krumwiede for her descript I just finished Freakling and I thought it was a fabulous story. I applaud Lana Krumwiede for her descriptions that gave the reader insight into Taemon's thoughts and motives for his many actions and decisions in the story. The plot was easy to follow but allowed the reader oppertunities to really dig deeper into Taemon's life and mind. Overall, I enjoyed Freakling and I reccomend it for both sci- fi fans and dystopian novel readers alike.

The ending was perfectly constructed for there to be a sequel and I read online that in that it will be published. I'm excited to see where Taemon's adventures take him in the next story! There was violence, death, threats of violence and even a hint of a threat of sexual violence. I get that the main character is 13 so I guess that makes it more MG then, but, since it is labelled as MG some really young readers could read it.

But maybe kids these days are more used to things. Still, I would say this one is more for younger YA readers. Cos no, there is not that much violence. YA has more, but I still feel like it was a bit to dark for MG. I mean an 8 year old could read this and they just kill a kid like that and torture people so It was just such a change from the other MG I just listened to. Speech over. Not under that. Is it our world? No idea. I do like when things are clearer cos I always wonder.

Is it dystopia? Interesting mix at least. A world where a group of fanatics yes I will call them that left and made a mountain why no one come over the sea and takes a look I have no idea , and then they live there using psi powers they got. Which to me seems to exhausting. Not eat, not going to the toilet I assume. NO lifting. I wonder how they make babies, I guess they can touch then Cos the kid keeps saying that no one touch each other.

You do not want to know what I am thinking now. Touch is a sense. Why take away that completely? Anyway, this kid Taemon loses his powers and is sent away. I liked him, though he really should just have killed his psycho brother. That does make it MG, he was so damn nice. There is an evil guy who is evil and Taemon will obvi save the world.

Interesting world and a nice story, even if, I mean come on people, touch is a sense! Narrator Nick Poedl I liked his voice and omg the voice for Tae's sociopath of a brother, yes he sounded evil! Apr 06, Devon rated it really liked it. First of all, this book started off slow and I didnt think I would enjoy it AT ALL. However, making connections and looking deeper into the text made it more into like a mystery book, which I enjoyed.

Doing "a home things" when reading this book made me change my opinion in the book. But there were still sometimes where the book was sooo detailed that it made it terrible. Honestly, when in social studies class and reading TKM in the past, this made me connect slavery with this book. Generally First of all, this book started off slow and I didnt think I would enjoy it Generally because of how black people during slavery were treated different and were known as different because of their abilities and color of skin.

This was the same with "Freakling". Taemon the main character had this mind ability known as "psi", but he loses it along the way in the book. When you aren't born with psi or loose your psi, you move to the Colony and have to work for the people WITH psi. If you think about it, this is similar to the way of slavery, but with different concepts and ideas. Overall, "Freakling" was very slow in the beginning, but when coming across action and mystery and seeing what Taemon was going to do, it truly made me enjoy the book more.

Pretty good book if you are into the books that make you "connect the dots"!!

A future society that uses forms of psychokinesis and has forgotten how to even zip a zipper unless through the power of the mind. The narrator was excellent. I enjoyed this book, it is great for teaching morals, good vs evil and a bit of science, but it is also a fun and gently mysterious story of a young boy who was hurt in an "accident" and how he overcomes his disability.

I'm looking forward to listening to the rest of the series as it comes out. Aug 04, Deborah Andreasen rated it it was amazing. Fantastic story. Superb writing. No plot holes that I saw or rather heard. I listened to the audio book version. Perfect narrator. Highly recommended to all readers. Sep 02, Tara rated it really liked it. Let me clarify I really liked this book for a ten or eleven year old. I would even give it to an older reluctant reader.

Despite an interesting premise, the writing is just too simple for the book to go much higher. And, it needs to, because the themes it addresses--pride, loyalty, deception, self-sacrifice and death--are ones that can require a bit of emotional maturity. My eleven year old read this in an afternoon and we had a great discussion about power, knowledge and making decisions for Let me clarify My eleven year old read this in an afternoon and we had a great discussion about power, knowledge and making decisions for oneself or the good of others.

Things I'm pretty sure the author intended and I liked. I also appreciated that the author explained psi as more than the power of telekinesis, but stipulated that in order to use it, one had to understand how something worked. A gentle introduction to the mechanics of magic that made the story more believable and more interesting. Great choice for readers who are too young to understand the machinations of Artemis Fowl.

Feb 04, Bennett rated it really liked it Shelves: male-pov , dystopian , release. I gobbled this thing up in one single night. Freakling is a thing of its own!!! I love the idea of having psi I'm guessing the P is silent and moving stuff with your mind. I'm so glad this is a series! This book deserves to be praised heavily.

Alternate Rating: B. May 30, Wendy Bunnell rated it liked it. I coincidentally read it the same weekend that I read The Darkest Minds and that might have been a little too much psychic ability YA for a single weekend, but this came out as the stronger book. The audience for this book is younger than YA, but pretty close.

Fantasy and sci-fi books really come down to three things for me: Characters, plot and universe. I really liked the characters of Taemon, his friend who was his psi ball partner can't remember the name - I listened to this on audiobook , and also Amma. I haven't decided yet whether I like the character of his brother, as he is dark and twisty, but we don't know yet whether there is a decent reason for it or just you know, evil. I don't care for Taemon's parents, as they really let Taemon down.

His dad tried to help by inventing a manual bass drum, but didn't really step up to protect him. Hell, his mom forbade him from feeding himself. Selfish much, mom. I recently read The Glass Castle and let's just say I really appreciate that my parents aren't self-absorbed nincompoops like the parents in this book and that memoir. Yes, that one is a memoir, how horrifying. I get that "parents are mean" is a YA book theme, so fine, but damn. I liked Taemon's resilience and willingness to keep trying and striving, despite all of his setbacks, and to keep making friends along the way.

In a couple years, I might try to get my son to read this book just so he can learn from Taemon's example. The universe was interesting, but not really complete. It didn't make a whole lot of sense why Taemon's parents tried to hide his loss of psi in such a cruel and ham-handed way, but I liked the way that they described the universe and the cluelessness of people who have come to rely on psi to do everything from cooking and feeding to driving to laundry to probably wiping their own butt.

Which reminded me of my favorite line from the Lego Movie, in which Captain Metalbeard tells the others "Wiping yer bum with a hook is hard, this is impossible! That wasn't really clear. If they don't, then the ending must have been really baffling. If they do, they never mentioned it. The plot was decent, but let me down. Taemon's journey outside the city into the land of the non-psi people was interesting, and gave a wonderful contrast, but I don't know that the logic of all of that was well explained. It reminded me of the third Divergent book in which the author gutted her own premise when she went outside the walls of New Chicago and found that everyone out there was pretty much the same type of "special" as our heroes, or something like that.

Who are these people and how do they fit into the plot of everything else going on in the city? We did not find out. Why did they bother introducing Daemon to a family with 5 kids to live with if he was just going to move in with the tinker as soon as he decided where to apprentice? What is Amma's family doing there? I'm not sure. I liked it because it was interesting and I like Taemon, but not sure if I can forgive the weird plot twists enough to make it through the trilogy. I'll try to pick up the second one and find out though.

Sep 15, Annie rated it really liked it Shelves: science-fiction , release , what-did-i-just-read , arcs , dystopians-or-post-apocalyptic , male-pov , owned-books , first-reads , your-agenda-is-showing. First Look: This looked pretty interesting. I actually had a similar idea revolving in my head for quite awhile though it's now been put indefinitely on the back burner.

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Ultimately, the execution of this book was very different from my idea, which is perfectly alright with me. Also, it's kinda refreshing to read middle grade every so often--it gives me a break from angsty romance and love triangles everywhere. Setting: I love, more than anything, the fact that this setting made me think quit First Look: This looked pretty interesting. Setting: I love, more than anything, the fact that this setting made me think quite a bit about something I'd never thought of before. These people had spent their entire lives doing thing with psi, with everything from eating to doing work to playing sports.

Using "psi" is basically doing things with mental powers, like telekinesis. I had never before considered how much our daily lives revolve around doing things, physical things. I'm pressing down on my keyboard right now. Earlier I picked up my food with a fork in order to eat it. I put my contact lens on my finger and put it into my eye yep, I'm a contact-wearing person now.

We physically do things, all day, every day. So what if you, say, didn't have to touch your phone in order to press the buttons? What if you could control everything internally? And then, what happens when you lose that power, in a world that doesn't know how to live without it? This aspect was fascinating. Had this book been longer, I'm sure Krumwiede would have delved into this even more, but she still did a great job exploring this idea. Characters: I liked Taemon. He reacted realistically to the events of the story, and had plenty likable traits.

He was smart and determined. There wasn't anything that made him stand out from the crowd, but he was still a fairly solid lead. Some of the side characters--especially kids other than Taemon--were flat. I could find no distinguishing traits about them. Except for Moke, though. I liked him. Something's up with that kid--I want to know more! And Yens had some really weird and interesting stuff going on. I'm skeptical that any sixteen-year-old would actually want to kill their brother, but At least he didn't stray into I'm-evil-because-I'm-evil mode.

Plot: It was interesting, but Some of this probably came from the fact that it was a MG book, but still or maybe that's just me, because when I was twelve I was reading page monsters. There were some things that could have been expanded on, giving the plot more depth.

I'm also a bit skeptical on some of the plot elements. I'm not sure I believe it. Can a twelve-year-old outsmart a prison system put in place by trained adults? Not sure I believe that, either. Uniqueness: This book mixes familiar dystopian aspects with fresh, different ones. Writing: There were some typos, but my copy is an ARC, so that's to be expected. But I'll assume they were. Otherwise, the writing did a good job telling the story. I don't have anything more to say about it. Likes: Nothing not already mentioned above.

Not-so-great: First thing: There are some weird biblical references here. I'm not sure whether this is a good or bad thing. I can't decide if some of these references are unintentional, of if they were meant to be there. First, there's the thing about the True Son, which is an obvious Christ-figure reference, not to mention a very interesting word choice. The "True Son" okay, the kid who they thought was the True Son tore down the temple. Jesus answered them, "Destroy this temple, and I will raise it again in three days.

Also, there's some stuff about a prophet leading people to a new land, etc. Second thing: In the powerless colony, there is a family that safeguards a secret library. In this library, there is a book titled Understanding the Atom. The parents of the family make a comment that goes something like this this is by no means an exact quote, but it's the general message : "If you knew what an atom was, and how to use it, you could destroy the world. That is why we must keep this knowledge secret.

I'm not going to sit here debating the ethics of dropping bombs on Japan during WWII, but in short, I believe it was necessary. There are million reasons for this. And no, I'm not just tossing out numbers. Also, the idea of hiding knowledge has never sat well with me. Third thing: I don't really agree with the choice Taemon made at the end, to view spoiler [ get rid of everyone's psi.

Yes, psi could be and was abused. But the majority of people used it for good. Taemon, who lives without psi anyway, has no right to make everyone's choice for that. I don't think he had any right to do this, even if it was "for the greater good". Overall: This is an interesting dystopian read with a likable main character. It presents some really cool and fairly well-executed concepts. I love the idea of psi and the culture that goes with it. This is a middle grade book, so it's aimed at year olds, but then again, I'm sixteen and enjoyed it.

I feel like younger readers won't see the subtext, but I did. It'll be interesting to see where the series goes. Nov 30, Jada Smith-Lopez rated it really liked it. In this book I really enjoyed it because being in a world were being different is dangerous you really have understand were Taemon comes from you cant be yourself or people will try to kill you because they want a society were they want wise and smart and talented people to make their world look better than what it really is.

If someone doesn't like the way you act or the way you look they label you as a freakling and that spoke to me because that happens in real life. Jul 23, Laree rated it liked it. I was surprised at the ending. Even more so when I come here and see it labeled 1 in a series. I'm intrigued how she continued the plot - I'll have to check out the others. Jul 02, Chris Sorensen rated it really liked it. Actual review is 4. Young boy, just starting his teenage years, lives in a city where everybody has the same power - that's a pretty good twist. The power to move things with your mind - psi - is also intriguing in how Krumwiede applies it to the book; not only does it serve as a useful tool for action, but it also has a more symbolic purpose as well.

Is it possible for somebody to "lose their identity" when everybody has the same identity Actual review is 4. Is it possible for somebody to "lose their identity" when everybody has the same identity i. Very interesting premise. Writing characters that use their minds to move things seems no easy task to me, but Krumwiede does a good job of making it visual. Seller Inventory ZZN. Book Description Condition: New. Seller Inventory n. Book Description Penguin Random House.

Brand New. Seller Inventory Freakling The Psi Chronicles. Lana Krumwiede. Publisher: Candlewick , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title A thrilling, fast-paced dystopian novel about the dangers of unchecked power and the dilemmas facing a boy torn between two ways of life.

About the Author : Lana Krumwiede is a debut novelist with many short stories, articles, and poems to her credit. From School Library Journal : Gr This dystopian novel packs a punch with an original premise and a fully developed future society. Buy New View Book. Other Popular Editions of the Same Title. Search for all books with this author and title. Customers who bought this item also bought. Stock Image. Published by Candlewick. Seller Rating:. Qwestbooks Philadelphia, PA, U.

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