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Next, gather the materials and tasks that you would normally share with students in a traditional format, but think of creative ways to turn the tasks into clues. For example, if you want students to identify the figurative language in a poem, create task cards that students have to place in the order that those poetic elements appear in the poem.

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Hide small letters on the task cards so when students place the cards in order, the next clue appears. See the example below:.

The 20 Best Poems for Kids

Although escape rooms require a lot of preparation and thought, the end result is worth the time. Students will be more engaged, thoughtful, and active in reading poetry than you could ever imagine. Escape rooms are a great way to review poetic elements or kick off a new study of poetry when you really want to catch students' attention and get them motivated. Check out my step by step guide to creating your own escape room here. For example, a student might choose haiku poetry form , imagery figurative language , and onomatopoeia sound element.

That student would then be challenged to write a haiku with imagery and an onomatopoeia. There are endless combinations and kids will have a blast writing, sharing, and seeing what poems are created in your poetry mash up.

Poetry for Kids: How to Make Reading, Analyzing, and Writing Fun

Play over and over and model your poetry writing with students as well. Have fun laughing at the ridiculous and enjoy the surprise when students create some really amazing pieces with different combinations of poetic elements. Making poetry fun and hands on is not only possible, but with a little creativity, it's really easy to implement at any level.

Help your students to find the joy in creating magic with only a few words in different shapes and forms. Take the intimidation factor out of poetry by connecting poetry to fun challenges, familiar activities, and hand on learning. Proudly created with Wix. April 1, Sample Instructions:. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter.

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Make a class motto. August 4, Passion Projects for Independent Reading. June 23, Search By Tags. Active Learning. Why does it matter that children enjoy poetry? Is it really that important?

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It turns out that there are some important developmental benefits of poetry for children. Poetry helps in language development, creative language skills, creativity, writing skills, self-expression, and in the development of natural rhythms. Working creatively with sentence structures helps improve writing skills and creative thinking, and poetry is the perfect genre for introducing creative and interesting vocabulary to children. Poetry is important for children, and poetry is good for adults as well. As noted in this piece from NY Magazine , poetry reading and interpretation demand analysis and critical thinking, important skills for all of us.

It took me years to learn to love poetry again, and now that I read poetry and can enjoy it, my life is enriched. So, in our house, poetry is important. My husband writes poetry, and we read poetry regularly. Seuss to Edgar Allan Poe as our son has grown older. But, most importantly, we try to make poetry fun and stress free.

Funny Poems by Popular Poets

It starts by helping children find poetry they enjoy. Research shows that young children prefer funny, silly, or whimsical poems, but poetry preferences will change as children grow older. My husband and I recently launched an independent publishing company, and one of our goals is to help bring poetry to life for children and make it more fun for adults. Although the support is specific to our collection, the general approach and strategies can be applied to any work of poetry you hope to help your kids enjoy. As parents, we may know that reading is important but not stop to think about the value of poetry.

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