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I combined this with an armor buff mod, and right now a spear takes good stabs on a mail wearing opponent before going down, and I'm at level 20 strength. Wakelessrex member 11 posts 0 kudos. Hey, i know it shoudn't be too hard but i don't know how to install this mod. Can somebody help me with that? As far as I know, you just have to unzip the downloaded file, and drop the. Have a question myself, is there a way to decrease armor values to 3x or 2x instead of 4x?

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Vanila: I am able to kill all guards major cities without getting killed myself. To kill one guard it took me about hits. Mod: I killed 3 guards in about 5 min. Heavy helmet takes 2 head shots otherwise oneshot I think making armor 3x and weapon damage to 1. That way you can actually do some combos and people don't just die in a few hits but you also don't need to fight someone with heavy armor for 5 min.

To answer your question about decreasing armor values, it looks like he wasn't kidding when he said that they were increased by 4x "across the board". If you go into the items folder within the libs folder, there should be an XML file named "armor". You can see what I assume to be every piece of armor in the game, along with values for their resistances to slash, blunt, etc You should be able to modify them to your liking from there.

This reduces the ridiculous stat and skill buffs you get for weapons the more you increase it. It seems putting it at leaves the base weapon damage no matter how strong or agile you are, or what your weapon skill levels. I'm trying to test it a bit under that in combination with a damage buff mod to get something more realistic.

Where can i find that parameter? Carried Away Bags Unpacked. In Stock. Travellers' Tales Bags Unpacked. Unpacked A life unpacked, unedited and mostly unashamed. My Unpacked Suitcase Workbook. Digital Literacy Unpacked. Diabetes Unpacked Just Science and Sense. No Sugar Coating. Deliverance Unpacked. Revelation Unpacked. My Unpacked Suitcase. Avowedly apolitical, Lijun was still in high school when pro-democracy student rallies erupted in Tienanmen Square in June The government responded with deadly force, massacring hundreds. In the blood-stained aftermath, Lijun began college.

In every class they divided us into teams, and every team had to discuss the June 4 'matter. Some of the most telling lessons at the university came from her refusal to join the Communist Youth League, which claimed the vast majority of students as members. One of her professors seemed disturbed by her reluctance to join, she says, and frequently counseled her on the issue. You probably have got some problems with your thoughts. Lijun persevered despite the pestering. In a country where males receive two out of three college diplomas, she graduated with an economics degree.

Afterward she landed a job with an American electronics company. She was in her mid-twenties and still living with her parents when she fell in love with the man who would become the father of her child. Lijun speaks about this episode reluctantly, and fights to keep her poise as she describes it. Every word brings her closer to tears. She says she met him at a get-together at a friend's apartment, and they hit it off right away. He lived in a different city but had frequent business in Lijun's hometown. The man began to make a habit of calling the gracious, spirited girl whenever he was in town.

Soon he began to confide in her about his unhappy marriage to a much older woman. He considered the relationship with his wife to be a "partnership," not one of smoldering passion.


He told Lijun he was in love with her. On the other hand, it's not right to stay in a relationship that's dead.

Her paramour raised the stakes when he told her he planned to divorce so that he and Lijun could eventually marry. But all the sweet talk abruptly changed when Lijun became pregnant. She remembers calling her boyfriend immediately after learning the results of her home pregnancy test. You must face reality. It cannot work out. However, the more she thought about it, the clearer she saw that abortion probably was the only way out of their bind. In order for them to have the baby without reprisals, the man would have to divorce quickly and marry Lijun at once.

Then they would need consent from family planning authorities to have a child. Taking care of these complicated matters in the short time they had would have been next to impossible, Lijun says. But the idea of an abortion struck her as both terrifying and tragic.

A friend of hers had once been in similar straits, she says, and the results were not pretty. She didn't want to," Lijun says. I think that experience changed almost all of her emotions and even some attitudes towards people. At the time, she just wanted to keep the baby, but there was no way. Before deciding anything, Lijun and her boyfriend wanted a doctor to confirm that she was pregnant.

They took supreme care to hide their identities, visiting a hospital in a nearby city where nobody would know them. She gave a false name to the doctor and did not tell her she was single. But she thinks the doctor saw through her ruse. Upon determining that Lijun was with child, the doctor recommended an abortion. She scribbled out a prescription for the abortion drug, mifepristone. The drive back to her city was extremely tense, Lijun recalls.

Her boyfriend hammered home the point that she would have to terminate the pregnancy.

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He was a broken record, she says, sounding the same shrill note over and over. But Lijun had a far bigger fear than her boyfriend's panicked demands: She might have to contend with the heavy hand of the Communist Party as well. Forceful family planning began in China in the s. The population had grown unwieldy after years of encouragement by Chairman Mao's government that people have as many children as possible.

As the country lurched toward one billion people in , the government instituted a policy of one child per family. Deng Xiaoping used it as a central program in his agenda of improving living standards and boosting economic growth. She is an anthropology professor at the University of California-Irvine and a leading expert on China's population control program.

According to a U. State Department report, officials employ a variety of tactics to ensure compliance with the family planning policy, ranging from education and economic incentives to sterilization and forced abortions. While the central government in Beijing formulates policy, enforcement falls to Communist officials at the local level. Lijun believed they would learn about her situation and try to finish the job she refused to do herself. According to the State Department report, she had reason to fear she would be forced to have an abortion. Rice University political scientist Steve Lewis, an authority on China, says the pressure to abort typically happens through the "intimidation and persuasion" of family members.

The strong-arming would not end even if she eluded officials and gave birth. Lewis points out that the implementation of policies varies greatly from region to region, but confirms that typical punishments for an out-of-wedlock baby are stiff fines and loss of health care, education and other services. And in this case in particular, if it's a single mother and, on top of that, the father is married to somebody else, there are a lot of potential problems to overcome. Virtually every community in China has a local committee composed of Communist Party officials who wield inordinate influence over jobs, housing, security, education, health care, family planning and most other functions.

Particularly strong in cities, the committees maintain neighborhood offices and keep a close watch on the lives of the residents. The party also operates in the workplace, in units called danwei , which keep close tabs on employees. Lijun imagined a refugeelike existence for her and her baby in China. She says she would have had to move to some remote place where nobody knew her, and where she would not have qualified for prenatal care or medical attention for the delivery. Other problems would emerge after the birth of an illegal baby.

The most troubling, perhaps, was the child's possible ineligibility for a crucial document needed for a normal life. The "household registration," a booklet that contains a person's birth information, is required for most employment, housing, school and health care. Without it, Lijun says, her child would essentially become an illegal alien in their own country. The government policies protect these women or these babies. They are still legal. But in China there is no protection," she says. He has none of the human rights.

Lijun, who had never been outside of China before, reached her conclusion. For her own well-being and that of her future child, she had to get out -- fast. The clock was ticking, and Lijun quickly hit on a solution. She sat down at the keyboard and began a letter to her boss, trying to keep the words from taking on a too-urgent tone. She asked, Would the company be sending selected employees to the United States as usual, to orient them in operations at headquarters?

If so, she would like to participate.

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Her boss promptly replied. The program was still active. But there weren't details yet on who would go -- or when. Lijun persisted with letters until her supervisor finally confirmed that a group would soon leave for the States. She would be among them, he said. Coming one long, horrific month after Lijun first discovered she was pregnant, the timely development struck her as the work of divine intervention.

I believe that there is God to take care of me. Sometimes you've got to think that. Lijun's string of good luck continued. In the days that followed, she secured a work visa and a passport -- tough orders for a young single woman in China. Her boyfriend was greatly relieved when he learned that she would not put him through the travesty of a birth in China. Nevertheless, he continued to argue for an abortion.

It got so their time together became unbearable, an angry cycle of argument and recrimination. She quit seeing him. Lijun says she just had too many pressing worries to allow herself to crash and burn with a relationship spiraling out of control. She faced uncertainties ahead in a country that she knew only through colleagues' yarns and slick pop culture images. Worse, she would be leaving behind her elderly parents, siblings and lifelong friends. And hovering over her final weeks was the fear that at any moment she could be "exposed" and punished.

During those emotionally perilous days, her unknowing parents helped her more than they ever realized. They were supportive of her trip. The old-timers imagined their daughter would encounter tremendous opportunities in America. They offered strong opinions about what sorts of things one should and shouldn't pack for such a journey.

They thought if I've gotten to a new country I don't need to spend a lot of money on clothes," she says, laughing. The debate led to bags getting unpacked and repacked over and over. Through the antics, Lijun felt deeply bothered that she couldn't be straight with her parents about the real motive for the trip. Deep down she felt it was best for them to remain ignorant.