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Best of all, the game is available for the low, low price of zero dollars. The sequel apes Day of the Tentacle 's 2D art style using hand-drawn locations, and it features an original soundtrack. You'll need to once again find a way of stopping Purple Tentacle from taking over the world and enslaving the human race.

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There's some time travel involved, along with some puzzles and familiar faces from other games. Return of the Tentacle is absolutely a labor of love for those behind the sequel, and it seems to capture the magic that made Day of the Tentacle an important entry in its genre. What's more, if you enjoy Return of the Tentacle , it's labeled as a prologue, which suggests there may be more in the pipeline. Buyer's Guide. Log in. Sign up. This will ensure your boat keeps slogging through the ink as you deal damage.

Switch to flintlock and musket, make sure all cannons are loaded. Focus on the closest tentacles. Play fast like your in a pvp fight. Make Karen play defensive. I believe if you do enough damage and keep it up, Kraken never has time to grab you, so move with purpose, get hard, bring the pain.

Shoot every tentacle that comes up broadside with point blank cannonfire and always shoot that tentacle at the front and rear before it slaps your boat.

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You want every tentacle that pops up to take damage and drop back below the ink. If your repairing or bailing too much, your losing. Keep your head on a swivel, shoot, repair, bail, repeat. Reload ammo, wood, cannon all on the fly.

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Eventually you make it out of the ink pool, where you can decide if you want to circle around and try to kill it. Survived both encounters, last one solo after clearing a fort and fully loaded with SoT's finest booty. Really did not want to lose my boat. Haven't killed one, though. I raise a tankard to the Kraken, the games first boss. You definitely added some solid advice for folks still learning the encounter there.

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Funny enough, that is how my crew and I usually fight it except right now we hard anchor just at the edge of the ink to make sure we finish the beast off before we leave gotta get that commendation after all! The reason I wrote this was to help other pirates not waste potentially valuable time when dealing with the plan B scenario, but I'm glad you added those tips for overall strategy.

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Golgari Hexmage Insider. Would it be a good idea to make a loading screen tip in the future that says something like: "The kraken has returned with more ways to fight. Reply Quote. Zormis Insider. KiethBlackLion Insider.