Die drei !!!, 1, Die Handy-Falle (drei Ausrufezeichen) (German Edition)

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DIE DREI AUSRUFEZEICHEN Trailer Deutsch German (2019)

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Die Drei !!! - /Betrug in Den Charts - port.mv Music

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Sport 2. Profound insights on the sport industry of tomorrow, generate new technology trends and develop future business models Read the paper free of charge. Comment Klasse, Bacon! Comment Gute Idee - ich hatte meinen Verschreiber aus einem anderen Faden einfach kopiert ;-. Comment teched out This is an overall term, which can be used to replace a very personal adjective hydraulized that describes my current state after 8 weeks spent translating this extremely technical stuff Comment Grantler : Person, die den konstruktiven Beitrag "habt ihr nix besseres zu tun?

Comment un fact : The opposite of in fact. Comment Kurz und gut: Leoxicon : dictionary of words used by translational geeks. Comment Good one, Selkie! Comment canine madness German: Hundswut the developing conviction that one's dog could actually make a better job of a certain translation than oneself. Comment xle-poster double, triple, quadruple Seine Antwort: ach der der Schreiber des Texts hat sich verschrieben Comment threadbare German fadenscheinig : adv.

Lovely tigger. Comment Selkie, Personally, I feel a baconed thread shouldn't fall under "threadbare. Comment the first stage is hypertechism , when your brain automatically recognises techie words in everything, i. Comment , OK, so I'm currently teched out and am thus well on my way to canine madness, right? Thank God we've got a long weekend ahead, will save me from the loony bin Comment Alright Carly, it needs fixing anyway, since I turned it into a noun: threadbare German fadenscheinig : adv. Hmm, someone is knocking at the door.

I wonder who it is? Weatherforeguess : When you forego the dubious pleasure of checking the weatherforecast and guess what it'll do instead. Comment weatherforguesser : A person i. Comment Louisa, Nr. I hope that becomes as widespread in leo as 6-gear. Followed by virtual chuckles all around at our cleverness while somewhere in Germany some unwitting pupil turns in one of our tongue-in-cheek answers as homework, since the poor sod was simply trying to get some help.

Comment leonical harassment the action one poster does, if with a certain post a before lively thread dies abruptly. Comment mutual chapreciation society : impromptu virtual get-together of like-minded politically incorrect rebels in their own minds in an otherwise innocuous thread, usually accompanied by much backslapping and congratulations on how daring everyone is being. Comment Das ist nur der Anfang, King Rollo. Comment - - LOL!!


Wonderful :- We should have this book published, it would be an instant best seller Comment Carly, but only among LEOnites, and they could easily print out the thread and won't buy the book ;- re A native tweaker is usually a German who 1. Comment trans c end The state translators reach after having teched out or succumbed to canine madness. It more or less describe an acute but fortunately brief attack of going off the deep end, to find brief peace in harmless pastimes such as baconing. Comment Kontext-Junkie - stark mc s. Comment Re. Dabei lag der Text mit dem mit 3 Ausrufezeichen versehenden Vermerk dringend in deinem Fach.

Comment related discussion: Helen Helen kriegt 98 von Punkten, glaube ich. Alsdann, legt los! Bibi, 6gear ist ein LEO-Internum. Comment Zum Thema "fehlender Kontext" und "Gedankenlesen" :- related discussion: kissing her elephant. Comment Belege permanently missing requirement for new entries. Can be cured by excessive juffen. An tigger: Tigerenten stehen in keinem Bezug zu tigger!!!! Comment a.

We went to the funfair on Saturday and it was packed!

Die drei !!!, 31, Betrug in den Charts (drei Ausrufezeichen)

I just wanted to get home again, but the kids wanted to stay a. I had told them it was a rush job, but they must have misunderstood me. It was more like a. Out of office reply: I am currently out of the office and sunning myself on a beach for a. I will attend to your mail on my return. Comment Klobruder, Du bist wirklich ein selten unangenehmer Zeitgenosse. Verfasser penguin one of the better put-downs Klobruder should be a useful designation Comment Good one!

But what is a Verfasserpenguin? Comment But what is a Verfasserpenguin? Comment Palindrome : The new term for an Alaskan airport or aerodrome. Comment i just copied Comment noli, please refer to , and Comment love the chauviligion - very elegant - and popeposer! Comment That's a good one, Shaples Comment Naive speaker: 1. One who uses charmingly innocent language 2.

One with an annoying tendency to replace -t- with a glottal stop. Comment Translation memory What we used to rely on before the advent of Comment Y-Turp , you wondered? Comment noli Comment Y-Turp, you wondered? Comment Manageritis , die: Schweres Verbrechen an der Sprache. Blunt vielversprechende Ergebnisse. Comment Derfel, Thanks for following up on my suggestion of adding this to our dictionary :- How can we define a word for translators who constantly have stuff thrown at them from those suffering from Manageritis??

My brain has gone blank. Manageritis ist hochgradig ansteckend. Carly: You're welcome. And thanks for suggesting it in the first place. I hadn't thought it was good enough to be listed here with these other brilliant things. I'll have to give that some thought, but perhaps somebody else can come up with a nice one? Comment Derfel, It ranks high on my "favorite" list Comment kann ma eina Uebliche Begruessungsfloskel fuer Anfragen, die sich i. Leonidischer Zeitsprung Phaenomen, das auftritt, wenn auf laengst vergessene Beitraegen auch Jahre spaeter noch Eintragungen erfolgen.

Comment Hihihi B: Kontext? A: to set up. B: ganzer Satz? A: "I wan't to set up A: Nein passt nicht.

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B: Wir brauchen mehr Kontext Comment Kontextdickhalsigkeit , die, n Kurz-bis mittelfristiges akutes Auftreten einer Verdickung der Halsschlagader durch wiederholte kontextfreie Anfragen. Kontextresistenz , die, n Verweigerung, auch nach Anfragen hilfswilliger Leoniden, weiteren Kontext zu liefern.

Comment Internetophoben : Forum-User die sich konsequent dagegen wehren eigene Recherchen im Internet anzustellen. Comment och menno, Bacon, den wollte ich auch gerade einstellen Comment Wow, toller Faden. Oft arten G. Comment Leo-Partying : L. Comment Simultranslation : Two Leonids post almost at the same time a correct translation, while the guy who didn't get the first post is quite pissed since his ego is decreased by this.

Die drei !!! Fußballstar in Gefahr (drei Ausrufezeichen)

Comment Synchronpunkt : Two Leonids post almost at the same time a correct translation, with nobody being pissed at all since both egos are inflated enough to give a damn ;-. Comment siehe unten , richtig so? Comment Leopart, m. Seeleonheil, n. Comment Och, ergeht auch manchen Heimatverbundenen so. Comment Panther, m.

Two different translations don't count however correct or incorrect they are do they? Comment imbrogleo n. Comment DW : You're right of course Comment Double bassed : escalation of violated i. Comment Jaaaaa! Comment Re The original subject of this thread was to create some other new dictionary definitions for the world of translation, so it seems to me perfectly valid to have a random answers and unexplained changes of subject.

Comment "This is a notorious false friend. Comment read carefully and you'll see I wasn't complaining! Comment Or was meant to be an example of an imbrogleo? Sorry if I didn't get it! Comment Darf ich statt zu sagen "Hat schon einer die Kontextfrage gestellt? Comment There are so many brilliant entries here! To my great dismay, one of the most annoying aspects of LEO-work still seems to be missing. I therefore venture to add a word or two to the list. A usually unregistered person who starts a query which sets about 10 persons working hard for a couple of hours but never returns to the thread or only once after about five minutes , leaving everybody in the dark if their well-meant suggestions were read at all.

Examples: Abound. The original poster usually expresses his or her gratitude and disappears from the discussion, thereby missing the efforts of five or six competent contributors who provide the necessary rectifications and corrections over the next couple of hours or even days. Unfortunately, the other Leonites never see the result of a d. An undertaker , finally, is a person who repeats your own well-founded arguments in a LEO-discussion, rephrases them to some very slight degree, adds a totally insignificant thought of his or her own plus, apparently, a touch of je-ne-sais-quoi , and is then exuberantly hailed by the original poster as the white knight, the Saviour and maker-of-the-day.

After which the thread is buried in embarassment. Comment Sorry, the link didn't work: related discussion: die allgemein gehaltene Vorschrift - the gene It starts with a misunderstanding of the German side but is not a doomerang in the end. Just an example of how they usually work. Opposite: see 2. It's called double-blind because usually neither the client for obvious reasons nor the translator who usually works in the echo-free chamber of his or her own criteria of excellence knows for sure how good the translation is, and single-edged because only the translator gets hurt: while the client thinks this phrase is unqualified praise, the translator is hurled into the abyss of nagging doubts how good am I?

Zu diesem hier postpostal satisfaction n. Comment invisible pixels day - what you feel your posts are suffering from when you encounter an undertaker or a doomerang. Comment Bravo, Sebastian!! Your essay well-summarizes our daily bread :- I really LOVE the undertakers, doomerangs and invisible pixels day Comment Exactly, the double-blind single-edged razor! How many times have I forced a fixed smile to comments of "Sie schreiben wirklich sauberes Englisch"? Nice intention, but only serves to remind you of your own imperfections. Comment I had a once-in-a-translator's-lifetime experience with the double-blind single-edged razor comments - He not only stated how much he liked my translation, he voluntarily added 1, DM to his bill Forums Trainer Courses.

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Die Handy Falle by Maja von Vogel

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