Okay So Your Wife Isnt That Good...Get Back in My Bed! (The Clean-Up Woman Chronicles Book 2)

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When Lily discovers the letter is missing, she cleans the closet several times but doesn't find it. As a way to distract Rufus, she sends him to a rooftop garden committee meeting and he befriends a neighbor named Holland Kemble. Later that day, Serena and Tripp get into a terrible car accident which leaves Serena hospitalized. While Lily goes to see Serena, Maureen goes to the penthouse and gives Rufus the letter from William; which reveals that he was with Lily over the summer. When he realizes Lily lied to him, Rufus leaves town to go on a skip trip The Debarted.

However, they briefly reunite when Jenny begins dating Damien Dalgaard , the drug dealing son of the Belgian ambassador The Lady Vanished. They later decide to forgive each other for all their wrongdoings and start with a clean slate. Meanwhile, Carter Baizen tracks down William and tells Serena, who agrees to go with him and force her father to see her.

However, when she arrives in Florida, she finds Lily inside her father's hotel room The Unblairable Lightness of Being. She then learns that CeCe was never sick and Lily is the one with cancer. The two travel back to Manhattan together and discover William has beaten them to the apartment and is waiting with Rufus there. Lily then reveals her secret to Rufus, who encourages her to find a new doctor. Serena suggests they stay with William and Lily agrees Dr. Soon after, William invites them all to a benefit where he is being honored. While there, he gives a speech and alludes to his desire to win Lily back.

Realizing Rufus was right about his intentions, Lily begins to distance herself from William. Soon after, Serena outs Rufus for cheating in front of everyone and Lily is shocked. After some investigative scheming, they learn that the two were working together to split up Rufus and Lily; and their scheme included diagnosing Lily with nonexistent cancer and Holland claiming she slept with Rufus. Meanwhile, Jenny has become unhappy with life on the UES and tips William off that everyone is onto his plan. Not wanting to face the repercussions, he asks Lily, Serena, and Eric to come back to Florida with him.

Before they can leave, they're confronted by everyone but William is able to flee before the police show. In the season premiere Belles de Jour , it's revealed that Georgina gave birth to Dan's baby, Milo Humphrey , over the summer; a fact that Dan is hiding from Rufus and Lily. However, this doesn't satisfy Georgina and she brings the baby to a luncheon hosted by Lily. Dan follows and has a talk with Rufus about the situation.

Rufus asks for a DNA test and Georgina answers that she had one done and that Dan is definitely the father. They call the doctor, who confirms the results himself, and Dan signs the birth certificate. Despite this, Rufus still doubts Dan's paternity and voices his concerns to Lily.

Soon after, Lily takes it upon herself to create a nursery at the loft for Milo and warns Rufus not to waste his grandson's childhood on conspiracy theories. Rufus takes this to heart and goes to help Lily, who is overjoyed at his decision. But while they create a baby book for Milo, Rufus learns that there is no way Dan could biologically be the father due to the difference in blood type Double Identity.

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In The Townie , Serena comes to the conclusion that Lily forged her signature on a document that sent her former teacher, Ben Donovan , to prison on false rape accusations. When Serena confronts Lily about her perjury, Rufus also confronts her about the secret sale. She tries to explain that she wasn't trying to hurt anyone but he admits that he can't believe anything she has to say. However, the two make up and Rufus agrees to help her take down old Bass enemy, Russell Thorpe , who wants to take down the Bass' anyway he can. Russell uses this information to his advantage and plans to blackmail Lily with it.

When she finds out, she turns herself in, with Rufus' support, to avoid being blackmailed ever again Empire of the Son. Soon after, she is sentenced to house arrest The Kids Stay in the Picture and the two plan to live through the arrest together until she is released. In The Jewel of Denial , Rufus excitedly tells Lily that he has worked out a deal for her to be released early.

However, that same day, Charlie Rhodes is revealed to really be Ivy Dickens , a girl Lily's sister Carol Rhodes paid to play her daughter to get her trust fund. Soon after, it's revealed that CeCe left Ivy everything in her will; a fact that doesn't sit well with either Carol or Lily; especially after Ivy is given Lily's penthouse, as it technically belonged to CeCe The Princess Dowry. Lily, Rufus, and William, who is the executor of the estate, are able to freeze CeCe's assets. Rufus works out a deal with Ivy for her to move out of the penthouse if Lily unfreezes the money.

Lily hesitantly agrees to release the funds and Ivy moves out and goes to the bank. But when she arrives, she learns that Lily never unfroze the money and she was tricked. In Despicable B , Lily plans to throw a family dinner and invite the media to dispel any bad press about herself or her relationship with Rufus.

However, her plans are thrown when she learns that her real niece, Lola Rhodes , was fathered by William when he had an affair with Carol while they were married. Wanting to deal with the situation, she lies to Rufus that dinner was cancelled and arranges for Carol to be arrested. Rufus quickly figures out what happened and informs Lily that he thinks they need to take some time apart.

In Raiders of the Lost Art , Chuck discovers that his father, Bart, is really alive and that he faked his death to avoid being murdered by a real estate competitor. Rufus learns that since Lily and Bart are technically still married, Lily needs to choose which marriage she wants to annul. Not wanting to lose her, he sends Bart annulment papers behind her back; which Bart signs.

That night, Lily is shocked when Bart gives the signed papers to her and then she realizes what Rufus did. She informs him that it's her choice who she chooses to stay married to and rips the papers in half. Later on, she chooses to annul their marriage to save her relationship with Bart. They quickly figure out that Lily sabotaged the event and Ivy decides to use the money CeCe left her that Lola gave back to her to buy out Lily's event.

Wanting to show them up, Lily plans to auction a piece of her own; but realizes she made a mistake when Bart tells her that that painting is where he hid the records of his illegal oil trade deals. She attempts to buy the painting back but fails, as Rufus won the auction. When Rufus sees her hugging another man, he realizes he's being used and breaks up with her. Ivy moves out of the loft, but doesn't notice Rufus take the oil records from her.

Not knowing that Rufus has the microfilms, she baits Bart and Chuck into trying to hurt Lily but quickly realizes she has no leverage and is in over her head. While that goes on, Rufus brings Lily the microfilms and apologizes for everything. They make amends and begin acting civilly again. Lily has reconciled with William and Rufus has begun dating Lisa Loeb. They greet each other at Dan and Serena's wedding and act friendly with one another.

I was afraid of what I might say. And unlike a Bart Bass, someone like me can break your heart and that's terrifying. And I know that because right now you're breaking mine. Flawed and fragmented and full of more love than I ever thought possible. I am so excited for you to be my husband. And for our children, all of them, to be my family.

Right now, this loft feels a lot more like home than our apartment. Fine, I had it delivered, but it's a generous serving, enough for two, and I just happened to find myself in this neighborhood and I thought maybe you might like some leftovers. I may have ordered a car, with no other destination in mind than this one.

Please, take it. Why can't you just admit you wanted to see me? I missed you. I said it. Rufus, the Upper East Side holds all the comforts I desire - clean sidewalks, Bergdorf Goodman, and people whose job it is to open doors. But there is no you. And you're the only comfort I really need. The apartment just doesn't seem like a home without you in it. I'd really like peace between us. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Perfect comment! I knew I would find one eventually! When I troll it is for comments that I agree with, and affirm them, too many people want to argue these days.

So keep up the good commenting work! Nothing wrong with feeling acknowledged. I am a stay at home mom. I take care of the house and kids. There are times where he goes above and beyond. When he washes dishes, he will clean the kitchen. He will take the kids out to breakfast so I can sleep in because of the hard week I encountered.

It took me many years for me to teach him that he lives in the house as well and everyone needs to contribute in some way. The children see him doing chores and now they are doing chores without argument. They have learned that if everyone helps, we can spend more time with family. When he is mowing the lawn and I bring him an ice cold drink, he thanks me for the help. Similarly, when I ask him to chop vegetables for dinner, I thank him because he really has helped me. When I need a shower and ask him to take over watching the kids, I thank him.

It is that I genuinely want my hubby, at all times and in all ways, to know that he is a sexy, generous, kind, attentive partner and provider. When he thanks me, I know it is because he sees me as a sexy, generous, kind, nurturing partner and home-maker. I tell our 4 children all of the time how wonderful their father is and he sings my praises to them. If helping me do the dishes is a little gift my hubby can give me to make us both happy, then I accept it as a gift, rather than dismissing it as an expectation.

Having spent many years as a single parent or in unsuccessful relationships, the biggest lesson that I learned was to throw out the scorecard and show thanks and love every chance that you get. With my hubby, I have spent time as the primary breadwinner, the stay-at-home mom, the dependent college student, and the equal earner, but none of that ever changed the one fundamental constant of our wonderful relationship: we genuinely like each other and want the other to be happy.

My husband is my superstar. He does the food shopping and a lot of the cooking whereas I do washing and cleaning etc. In doing this, you can find the chores that best fit each member of the household. If you live under a roof you have a responsibility to care for your home. I find that this helps alleviate stress on everyone. It makes every person in the household more appreciative of everyone else and by talking it through it gives your housemates a better understanding of what you can handle. No judgment, no confrontation, just a conversation. We are all the center of our own universe. You just have to remember that you are not the center of the universe.

If you are vying for control of a relationship, you are doing it wrong. A good rule of thumb is to be more worried about impressing the person with whom you want to spend clothing free time than anyone else and expect the same. I get folks have had bad experiences. Stop using those experiences as justification to treat people poorly. As I do agree with the grandiose article written by a woman nothing can be more far from the truth when it comes to a wife who is always unappreciative, unhappy and is never satisfied with any outcome.

There are just some women in this world who just never get it or understand how men work because of there selfishness, daddy issues, spoiled behaviors or OCD and set in their ways. No one is perfect! No man or woman. If one works 40 to 70 hours a week and the other works 10 to 20 hours per week should be understanding, and compassionate towards the tired one who worked all of those hours and should not expect the tired one to come home to cook, clean, shop or take care of children.

He helps with the dinner without looking for thanks because he likes to eat, too. It sucks having things go unnoticed. I also understand that perhaps she is too tired or stressed to thank him, however, when a pattern develops where she makes a mess and he cleans it up without it ever being acknowledged that he cleaned up her mess not mutual shared responsibilities, but things that are CLEARLY her mess , that can hurt and make you feel taken advantage of. I think the author jumped to mega conclusions in order to look like a heroic hubby. Nah, not buying it. Unfortunately life is not as black and white as this article.

Let me ask, is the world surrounded by just handymen or are there plumbers, electricians, cleaners, bakers, etc? Same goes for marriages. Wake up people, marriages of the last years have not necessarily been sexist and relationships are like fingerprints, none are the same. Also, I have basically stayed at home for the past 15 years and he worked.

We both work now, but I am part time and his hours vary wildly because he is self employed and only works when clients need him. Other women want to share equally in the workload. Either is fine as long as both parties agree. The problem is when one or both change their mind. My wife does not cook or clean.

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She watches TV. And by prepare food, I mean go to a fast food place and buy it. I have never seen her mop a floor in the 30 years I have known her. I am not married, but I am in the happiest relationship I have ever had.

Seven things I wish I'd known before my divorce: an optimistic guide to the future

Guess what, I hate yard work more than cleaning the bathroom, and vice versa for him. We both do the dishes. He sweeps daily. I do most of the cooking. If he works more, I clean more, and vice versa. You BOTH should be thanking each other for whatever the other does for the family, be it cooking, cleaning, working, or changing diapers. And, thank them, too, for good grades, helping with younger siblings, cleaning etc. I feel you. I was in a relationship with a guy whose opinion was that because women now have equal opportunities, it forces more competition in the work force, and drove up the cost of living, thereby making it impossible for women to stay at home taking care of kids.

He was also the type of guy actually, child who thought that if both men and women work, the woman should do all the household chores too. Meanwhile, he came home everyday and sat on his ass, watching porn and drinking beer. He ended up being abusive both verbally and emotionally, and that relationship soon ended.

Point is, a man or a woman can be selfish, completely one-sided, and just view a relationship as an opportunity to take everything from the other person. You must appreciate one another and have compassion. What is so difficult in showing appreciation to others?

This has nothing to do with gender roles and everything to do with being a gracious human being. My marriage to my first wife was completely one sided. I did it all and no amount of discussion, argument or chore lists changed the fact that she was lazy and considered herself above contributing. But she was sure good about complaining and spending money.

On the other hand, my new wife and I decided we were not officially dividing up the household work and chores. I cook, she cooks. Sometimes separately, sometimes together. It depends on the day, whether all the kids or family are there, and how complicated or simple the meal is. She generally does the laundry and detailed housecleaning, but she likes both and wants them done the way she likes. I help, but I know that things she wants to do and I let her. I handle the outdoor work, but she pitches in when I need help.

We do our bills, shopping, and raising our children together. We have never once said that any of it was assigned to or expected of each other. And yes, we both have full time jobs. In our case, the approach we have taken works for us. I, a white hetero male, hate cleaning and rarely do it.

When I do a thank you would be nice. It is not my responsibility. The reason it is not my responsibility is because my partner and I discussed the household responsibilities and jointly agreed on things that were her responsibilities, things that were my responsibilities and things that are joint responsibilities.

And when she does things that we agreed that are my responsibility, like cooking, I thank her as well. We are Partners not because we share all the chores equally, but because we share decisions. How many hours does he work versus how many she does? If they both work full time, sharing equally in that part of a partnership, then, sure, at home, it should be a pretty joint partnership, within reason. My ex-wife believed the floors should be swept twice per day, Swiffered once per day and mopped weekly. I believed sweeping once per day and swiffering once per week and mopping once per month was entirely reasonable.

Am I failing to be a good partner by NOT aligning with her views, or is she failing by not aligning with mine? Regardless, my marriage ended because my wife who worked 10 hours a week felt our jobs balanced out because we both had jobs. But she did more at the house therefore I was a bad partner. Within this I still did all the typical duties — mowing, fixing, snow throwing, bill paying, computer projects, home projects — AND every dish AND the majority of the cooking.

She did was the base boards alone, twice a week, while angering at my failure to partner. Yes, in a relationship people are performing at life relatively the same, they should perform at home reasonably equally. Otherwise one person should pick up extra in one area to account for less in another to be a better partner.

Total nonsense? It is obvious from your bias that you assumed the woman stayed home, or worked minimally, while the man went out and worked to support the household. In doing so, you completely missed the entire point of this. The husband and wife worked together so that both were a part of the house, not the help. Marriage is a compromise and communication about everything is key. In my reply, I wrote either party may work more than another, so I have no presumption that the man works more than the woman.

In either case, the total nonsense part of this article is speaking about partnership as if it is about work in the home and not work in the life you are building together. If the author had wished to disclaim that the context was a partnership where both worked equally outside the home, then it would have been less nonsense. I do have a bias that invalidates the home as the hub of partnership which is, fairly, in part due to a wife who believed THAT was the entire nature of partnership.

I agree with your point that marriage is a compromise and communication about everything is key. Absent context it just seems like a screed, which, given where published, would tend to be a lecture to men to do more in the partner area far too narrowly defined. If a couple decides one of them will be a stay at home spouse, the stay at home spouse has the household responsibilities. I am a woman, I work crazy hours, and if my husband is going to stay at home then I expect him to maintain the home.

If one person leave the house to make the money then the spouse at home is in charge of the house. Organization, cleaning, budget, meal planning etc. It is the stay at home spouses job. Also there are studies that show when one person stays at home while one works, they help free up one spouse to dedicate themselves to their job and potentially be more successful. I totally agree with You! I have worked all of my life, until 3 yrs ago I have 2 major back surgeries, and could no longer work. My husband now is the sole provider.

Most of the time I also mow the yard, even though it is going to put me in bed for 2 days. I feel that I should try and make it easier on him, since he is the only one working. For 2 yrs before my surgery, I was in bed most of the time, then a year after surgery. He never once complained. I married a great man, and we have been married for 30 yrs. We balance each other, because we both know that it takes both of us to run a household.

If everyone thought this way, things would go much easier for both people! Hhhhhmmm, well, last week, my husband worked 60 hours at his mid-level wage job. I stayed home and cared for our four children, two of whom are girls, two are boys. This is how we decided it would be when we decided to bring children into the world. I grew up with a dad who cooked and a mom who mowed the lawn…. Every partnership should have an understanding that you both pitch in.

And yeah sometimes one of you might end up doing more sometimes but usually it balances out. Or at least it should! Unfortunately it happens still a lot that some partners think they should be praised for cleaning or doing certain things with their kids. You signed up to be partners and have kids so therefore, do your part. And appreciate their extra hard work for the family. I have 4 children who are all grown adults. I also have 5 grandchildren now. When my children were young, I did all the work, all the house work plus worked full time plus….

I can indeed do it all, and have….. I never understood adult whining. I read about the divorcing man and noticed something. There is no honor in working against your own. He was holding up his, and she was holding up hers…. He is not a victim here in any way. Thought of something else. Mothers and fathers, you are the ones raising these men. If you do all the chores in your house and never ask your sons to make their beds, wash the dishes, take out the trash, clean the bathroom, fold the laundry, or help in any other way, this is on you.

Teach your sons that they are just as responsible for the home as your daughters are. Men are hardly as lazy as what women are in my experience. Stop generalizing ALL women. My sis is thriving in a good job and is learning to cook and loving it. She is as generous as her loving, year-old boyfriend who also sees their relationship as a partnership and pulls his weight as much as she does.

Perhaps you are a man and your short-sightedness towards all women comes from the fact that your standards are much too low and you have therefore been with a number of trashy women. Raise the bar a little. My hubby has a very physically demanding job so I take care of the entire house since I only work part time. In the last week, he has received two minute foot massages from me , had all his meals cooked, and all his laundry has been washed and folded and laid nicely on the bed for him to put away. I genuinely see it as a privilege to dote on him in the house since he works so hard for us outside of the house.

We women are not all bad. Like I said, raise your standards and maybe you can find a good one. My cousin re-married when her two children were pre-teens. Her new husband moved into her house and would do only his laundry. Cook only his food. She never said a thing. But when she made meals and did laundry and any other task that involved the household, she left out his parts. She did not wash his clothes. She did not prepare food for him. She did not set a place at the table for him. He figured it out and realized that he was part of a family now and that meant contributing to the family chores.

And he is not mine, either. No partnership is perfectly equal, and every relationship looks different and functions differently… I have to say though, amyone who thinks SAHM have it easy… I have to disagree. I am not a SAHM. Children and the home are never ending. They test you and keep you mentally and physically busy.

I believe this article applies to a man or a woman. However, most families with two adults are now dual income. The problem is, many moms and women still do it all. Cooking, cleaning, sometimes even being the primary person to raise children. As a part of Generation X I believe many men have become much more involved with their partners pregnancy, labor and delivery and raising the children.

My husband is truly a partner in every way. We have some different responsibilities, but the kids, home, cooking…thats on both of us. Those things are simply not true. A SAHM is not sitting back chilling. Not any I know. They are going all day. When I went back to work after maternity leave it felt like a vacation. I could even pee anytime without am entourage!

Think of what it would be today. A SAHM needs a break too and also needs some help. Well did finally did grow up but not in time to stay married to me.. Marriage is a partnership — period and should have an equitable division of labor especially if both people work out side the home! Our families need to know that we are not just a maid for them. I understand this article and what its definition is. Do I agree? In a way yes but I Also disagree.

This article is a blank statement. What do these two do for a living? Do they work equally? Has nothing to do with dollar amount. I took a job that Is both very physical and time consuming. Most days just getting home is exhausting. Getting home I try and not add to the mess but I truly have zero thought or energy towards cleaning up. My work clothes go into the same spot and I do all my own laundry.

We have 3 children my partner and I. Our kids are now 14, 13 and When we went to have our first child my wife was unemployed for 3 years. She asked if she should get a job or stay home with our son. As it turns out we now have 3 children in a very short period of time. Lucky for the 2 of us I was able to make enough money to keep my partner with the children. We agreed that I would work and do house hold repairs and she would stay with the kids and keep the home clean.

This went well for 7 years. After 7 years my partner figured she was getting the short straw and my job was easy. I figured the exact opposite. I knew my job very super difficult and with bringing home over grand a year threw a labour job I honestly knew I was holding up my end of the deal. Way to physically tired to help when I got home. I would play basketball and sports with the kids so obviously I had some energy but I had just been at work for a 10 hour shift and a crazy drive home. I figured my day was done and I could relax with the kids or nod off on the couch. My partner was thinking the exact same thing.

When I got home she figured her job was over and I could take over house hold jobs and play with the kids. Do you know what happened next? I started to help around the house. I then in turn asked her to start looking for some employment as our kids were older and were in school all day. Now after 14 years and she still refuses to find a job as she says we had a deal for her to stay home and keep the house.

So she refused to get a job. Yes this was a 7 year long discussion as I continued to help out around the house. She figured it was totally wrong for me to ask her to get a job. Yet I also knew I was doing to much work. Why am I writing this I ask myself? I agree that men need to help their partners. I also first hand know how exhausting it is to work so hard and it be ignored.

We do not go to work for a praise we go for a paycheck. Our partners do not stay home and look after our children for a paycheck. They do that for a reward. To have a better life and understanding of our own children. For my partner to be able to stay home for 17 years unemployed and have 3 wonderful children that are now teenagers and still refuse to find work but demands help at the home is very frustrating.

We ended up separated and are in a very bad divorce because of this very topic. I wanted help financially and she wanted help at home and it was a stand off. I believe every situation is totally different. I wish there was a manual to show each other who is doing it right and who needs to straighten ship. We were together 28 years, since grade 8 and this very topic destroyed our relationship.

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It is easy to demand but to be honest. Those who fail fall apart. Those who change with the times seem to do ok. These are my thoughts. Spoiled people with to much to complain about. My partner has 3 kids, 3 dogs, 2 horses and a cat. Do I deserve credit for keeping it all afloat.

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  • The Origins of International Investment Law: Empire, Environment and the Safeguarding of Capital (Cambridge Studies in International and Comparative Law).
  • Poèmes de Félix Arvers (French Edition).

Hell no. I gave up and left. Yet she feels the same way towards me. Calls me lazy and a deadbeat. I pay a month in support and I am still called a deadbeat. So I caijkdnt figure it out. If you have a good one remember that change happens all the time and to make sure you are paying attention.

People grow away from each other over time. It happens. Sorry to ramble on. So easy to judge. I agree with you and empathize for the situation you were in. We were not raised to know the true nature of women; most men only experience it after a marriage starts. Perhaps you should search information on MGTOW to help you process your recovery from you destruction she has brought into your life.

There you will find a brotherhood that will show you are far from alone in your circumstances. You will learn the true nature of women. There is nothing extraordinary about the behavior of your ex. Such behavior is innate to all females, it is as natural as breathing to them.

What happened to you is the same thing that happened to me. I told her to get off her ass and do something. All this did was piss her off. Mine sicced the cops on me. Women divorce for cash and prizes when the man finally refuses to put up with her lazy, spendthrift ways any longer. You see, women only see men as a resource provider and if you refuse resources she has no use for you.

All women are NOT the same, just as all men are not the same. Me and my husband are on the opposite end of the spectrum. His job is 15 minutes away. Mine is 1 hr in the morning and 1. I change her diaper, put on her jammies and brush her teeth before bed. All I expect of my husband is that he puts his plate and silverware in the dishwasher and most nights I have to remind him to do so. He typically works on the weekends, so I do the grocery shopping no time during the week and clean the house all weekend. Things are NOT equal in our house, despite both of us working full time and me having the much longer commute.

He spends one day off relaxing must be nice , and spends the second day off doing a few things around the house cleans a bathroom, mows the lawn, etc. For me, it would be a little tight, but I could make it on my own. Wow, John, I never reply to these, but I had to to this one. I literally am on my feet from 6am to 10pm. I look after my parents who had to move in here last year. I have to cook and clean for four adults and a number of children. Laundry every day, several meals and snacks, mess after mess after mess, baths, and clothing changes, and diaper changes, and refereeing, and sweeping, vacuuming, dishes no dishwasher washing down bathrooms, and on and on.

My husband works and takes care of the garbage and mows our small lawn. He gets to come home and relax. I stay with my husband because I love him. I give so much because he gets stressed at work and I want to give him a break at the end of the day. I can go a whole month without even getting a half hour in total to myself. So some women may be jerks, but some of us do all we can to make our family work, give everything we have and sacrifice all we have to make those around us happy and make sure they feel loved.

I realize you will still judge, so be it. I give my freakin all, and I have nothing left to give to myself. Find me a man that will go from 6am to 10pm without a minute to themselves. I often have five people needing my attention all at the same time and are demanding attention. I have no idea anymore. That is how much I give. The money we make does not go to me, that is for sure.

I work hard to provide for my family, not for me. I make things from scratch to help make our money stretch further so that my husband can get the stations he wants on tv, and go to the events he likes to go to. Events I never have the time to go to because someone has to look after the kids and my parents. You judge women too harshly as a whole. Shame on you. Sunny: The true nature of women is hypergamy, narcissism, and same group bias.

Admit to it, because the sisterhood knows it. Women are no longer a mystery to men, they are an easily solved algorithm. The list goes on and on and on. You, Sunny, should be very happy. We most definitely will be leaving you alone. Being a women and knowing women the way you do, would you entrust your health, wealth, and liberty to another woman? Well, my dear, men are no longer insane for an exploded myth. Enjoy your cats. Brent, I can definitely understand when a partner feels undervalued in their relationship, and from the sounds of it, you did.

It sounds like neither of you showed each other the appreciation needed. Teenagers are not done being raised and take a lot out of the person who is the main care-giver. Maybe more so than babies. And to look at it like you were breaking your back for her rather than your family is telling. Maybe she just needed a little support, encouragement, praise and not have to hear about how exhausted and put out you are to go to work.

Have you heard about the Mental Load? She was to just keep the house clean? Or was she also to know when bills are due? When kids need shots? What sized the kids wear? Who their teachers are and which ones are going to be a challenge? Who the kids friends are and how those relationships are going? Who seems to be struggling at school and in what subjects? Did you realize this was your expectation?

Did she fall short of this impossible job and you were disappointed? Do you believe you could have done it better with no help or praise if all she had to do was make the money and have fun with the kids and nothing else? People see these things and understand better than you can imagine. Sad thing is that the kids suffer thinking this is the way.

Getting a job is one thing if it is needed to raise a household and spending habits are high. On the other hand I was both mother and father working full time and sometimes part. I did get support for which I am grateful but would rather that my daughter and her dad spent more time together, not sure how he got so busy with life but he is her father and deserved it. We do have a wonderful daughter and wish the best to you for sharing your story.

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Want a good life? So many people, men and women, end up on these boards complaining about the workload of being parents. Perhaps, instead of buying into having 1,2, or three kids you should have considered balancing your life. You want to blame your wife? Fair enough, but it took two to tango on that. Excuse me, what did you say? Spread my seed.

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I had 3 kids with the same women whom I was married to. Maybe ask me a few questions instead of just throw a random comment. I make grand a year and I am fully capable of raising 3 children. Money is not the object. Ignorance is. Apparently your as ignorant as my wife so after this comment I will leave you as well. I left my wife because she buys 13 thousand dollar house stereo but has no job. Buy pet after pet after being told no more pets.

She buys a brand new car after I spent 14 months working out of town to clear all our debt. She demands everything her way yet she dictates not helps. I married a women who does not play fair and you boil it down as to spreading my sead and living over my means. The money was never the problem. Expecting everything from me while just consuming and consuming all while being ignorant.

I figured I would share as my wife was rude and took advantage of my kindness and my love for her. When I left to work, I came home and was an inconvenience. Jo I was raised by 5 women and zero men. Trust me when I tell you I know what a women goes threw when men are losers. I am the youngest of the 5 and watched my entire life the way men handled women. I swore I would look after mine as long as I could.

She was to mean and rude and ignorant for me to continue. I wanted them to know that how NOT to be treated. You kinda rubbed me the wrong way with your seed comment but I will get over it. I wanted 5 kids but stopped at 3 as I realized that was silly in this day and age. I own my house and 2 vehicles. I do NOT live out of my means. I am just sick to death of people not helping in this world and just taking. To bad my wife as a taker and not a helper. I want to be able to retire one day not own a barn and pets.

Do I know what she did while I was at work? Hell yah. Someone asked if I knew what she did all day. Schools work, Freinds, teachers, sports, meals, laundry. Yes I know the list is long and never completed. Like I said I have 4 older sisters and yes they all have kids. I know what a stay at home mom goes threw. I also know what hard working men go threw. We could do this all day Jo. Men are assholes and women are crazy. Have a nice day. Kinda bitter. Sounds like the real problem is you made a mistake in who you married. James, The only person that made me bitter was the seed spreading comment.

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