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Ambassador Sergio de Queiroz Duarte, U. Chairpersons: The Hon. Douglas J.


Roche O. Ernie Regehr , O.

This seminar is being held to develop a broadly shared understanding of the mainelements and requirements for a global convention to prohibit nuclear weapons; to buildCanadian capacity in the expert and disarmament advocacy community on key issues linkedto advancing the global movement toward a nuclear weapons convention; and to engage theGovernment of Canada to encourage early and concrete support for working toward aNuclear Weapons Convention.

Chairperson: Dr. Speakers : Dr. Guest Speaker: H. Ambassador Richard Butler , A.

UN General Assembly | UNIC Yaoundé

How can security relationships be used as stepping stones toward a NWC? Speakers: Mr. Roche , O.

Organizing committee: The Honourable Douglas J. Roche, O. Advisors: Amb.

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Paul Meyer, Mr. Murray Thomson, O.

Michael WallaceAdministrative support: Project Ploughshares. Conference Program: [ pdf ]. We call on the Government of Canada to work urgently with other nations to conclude a convention which will set out a binding timetable for the abolition of all nuclear weapons in the world. Foreign Affairs and International Trade summary report: here.

Below are linked those presentations and documents subsequently made available for circulation. Global Partnership Program Chair: Ms. Below please find a rough summary of some of the major learnings from that process. These are agreed standards and progress against an agreed framework is important. An NGO later commented that a change in government does not justify a state in walking away from its commitments or cherry picking through the steps to choose which ones to adhere to.

At this point in time there is no agenda for the meeting and there are concerns that it may conclude without any type of consensus statement. In anticipation of this, the Canadian delegation may try to make progress on specific key institutional changes that would strengthen the regime. They are proposing substantive reform to the NPT regime by responding to these problems possibly through a set of specific decisions calling for:.

The government is looking forward to reports from states on their activities toward the elimination of nuclear weapons Article VI. They are also looking at the recent proposals with respect to the nuclear fuel cycle coming from Dr. NGOs noted the risks posed by nuclear weapons and expressed concern about the US plans for bunker busters, more rapid ability to test weapons, and more relaxed policies on resort to use of nuclear weapons.

One NGO wondered whether we should be seeking a ban on research on nuclear weapons for offensive use as occurs under the Chemical and Biological Conventions. This course, developed in partnership with the World Health Organization, is intended to be a general introductory primer to Ebola awareness and prevention for peacekeepers who are not working in a medical or public health capacity. According to the World Health Organization, the Ebola outbreak that affected parts of West Africa in recent years was one of the most challenging public health emergencies in modern times.

Cultivating an awareness of the disease and proper precautionary measures are necessary to protect mission staff from the illness. This course presents a compilation of World Health Organization materials on general information about Ebola Virus Disease, how the virus is spread, the symptoms and diagnosis, infection prevention techniques, possible treatments, and mission protocol. Three lessons. Number of pages: 58 [ English ]. Publisher: Peace Operations Training Institute [ ]. Log in for custom prices. Add to Cart. Number of pages: 58 [ French ].

Centre d'information des Nations Unies au Yaoundé

Search inside this course PDF. I found it very valuable course to prevent myself and others. I look forward to sensitise the community on this disease. Je reccomande aux interesses de bien vouloir lire et decouvrir les connaissances sur la maladie. Nous remercions l'initiateur, le conducteur, et tous ceux qui contribuent dans la formation continue des Etudiants et du personnel de maintien de la paix.

I have learnt so much about Ebola. Thank you ". It will serve as an emergency preparedness to make them perform effectively and efficiently ". Chacun peut comprendre de quoi il s'agit et peut facilement le mettre en pratique. Cela est d'une importance capitale. Muchas gracias POTI". I have learnt alot as concerns the Ebola virus ". Two hours at most with good connection. It is very important. Surely it must have helped save some lives during the difficult times in across West Africa Ebola Crisis. It is also a good reminder to always observe hygiene rules in our daily lives.

Its essential in face of emergencies". I am really grateful and i appreciate the awareness you have put in me considering the fact that i didn't know the Ebola Virus Disease really existed. After going through this course, i really know what the people of the outbreak in West Africa are going through and my dream is to be a humanitarian, helping the underprivileged and this course has really broaden my mind towards my goals.

It was really an interested course and i look forward in having much more. I advise everyone to take the course. Big thanks to POTI ". It was time that I recognized there is one of best non Profit Institute Peace Operations Training Institute who provides tangible courses for free. Its surprised to me to see this kind of course which is very demanding now days. It was like someone who received gold. To find very important thing for free is incredible and that's what makes it great.

It was attractive course in terms of basic preparation,history, accurate information,details and well organized quiz at ended of the it. I know how much extras they did for me during my processing. By studying this course, I have learned to safeguard and protect myself against the deadly Eola Virus Disease. Thank you for your effort. Well done and thumbs up!!! This course should be part the lessons for people preparering to be deployed in UN missions especially in areas where EVD has been. Modes of transmission 2. Clinical symptoms 3. Rumors and credible evidence 4. Mission protocols about Ebola safety ".

This course can save lives. I can now help myself and other colleagues in EVD prevention. Objective questios. Very usefull for anyone who works with healthcare.


Extremely important for persons travelling to affected countries and peacekeepers working in Africa. Further, Peacekeeping personnel performing the implementation of the practices cited above, mostly in proactive actions can save human lives.


Important for every peacekeeper. Thanks "POTI" for introducing such an important material for us. I'm happy for the knowledge I have so far acquired and looking forward to do more of your courses. Gives a broader perspective on the subject. I recommend". De a ver realizado este curso. If you studied the course closely, you will be safe when you go to an area where Ebola is effective.

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I learned a lot with it. Thank you very much POTI!!!!! The course is made very simple to any one to understand easily. Thank you so much. It can help everyone to be aware about EVD infectiousness and prevention. Greenberg is a frequent writer, lecturer, teacher and trainer in a broad range of areas related to international law, international security, and peacebuilding, and has served on numerous boards of peacebuilding and security organizations.

Since then, her work has focused on individual and societal resilience capacities in the aftermath of violence. She has designed and led training programs on this subject for different intergovernmental and governmental agencies as well as local networks of community leaders most recently in Libya and Syria. She is the winner of many awards, including two consecutive Fulbright Commission awards and a former grantee of different public and private foundations in North America and Europe.

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