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The legal team further points out that the request goes against the law. Furthermore, the disclosure of evidence is problematic because it allows the Government to carefully select information that can tip the balance in their favor when it becomes public. Permitting the Government to widely disseminate a one-sided, cherry-picked set of facts threatens to improperly infect the jury pool before defendants are afforded any opportunity to present their side of the story.

Among the information the Government intends to release are MD5 hash values of the files Megaupload users have stored. All in all Megaupload sees the latest filing as yet another attempt to put the defendants at a disadvantage.

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Considering the above, the lawyers ask the court to withdraw the November 22 order. While the covert action by the Government is already quite significant in its own right, it also suggests that copyright holders are considering legal action against Megaupload and Kim Dotcom. Since the MPAA has been very involved in the case from the start, the Hollywood studios are the prime candidate for such a civil proceeding. Previously the MPAA asked the court to retain the files stored on Megaupload for possible legal actions to be taken against the companies and those associated with it.

Thus far there has been no sign that the MPAA or any individual movie studios have concrete plans to file a civil suit, but this may change in the near future. Die Angreifer wollen ihre Opfer nicht einmal ausrauben. Sie lassen sie einfach liegen und rennen weg. These trends are self-perpetuating as they make for interesting conversation and gripping news stories.

Die Veranstaltung findet am Samstag 7. Dezember, Am Dienstag One of the most popular multi-purpose downloading tools on the web today is JDownloader, a Java-based tool compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac. The software is able to download video files, files from file-hosting sites, and extract them all once completed. Appwork found out about the functionality of the plug-in months before the court case and had already disabled it, but the judgment had the potential to have a chilling effect on open source development.

How are Open Source communities supposed to check? What if a program that is included in another Open Source program makes an update that adds illegal functionality? To find out, Appwork filed an appeal and this week the project received the decision of the court. It was bad news not only for the company but also the open source community in general.

This practically means they are obligated to check every single line of code, which is almost impossible for smaller projects. Appwork are looking into the details of the judgment and are currently considering their options for appeal. Of course many political libertarians are conservative tools, and this includes those who are anti-religious. I do want to mention the following, though — because the pull-quote manages to take just about everything I despise in American liberalism and wrap it up into one tight little package:.

This makes sense if one is talking about a totalitarian regime, but our Jeffersonian democracy, despite its quirky flaws, is government by the people for the people, and it was the federal government that essentially built the great American middle-class, the envy of the world.

Yes, indeed. Here is a completely mythical, wildly unrealistic civics-textbook Disney cartoon [ 1 ] of how American government works. You know that it works great because through a stupendous effort of subsidy and social regimentation it has created the most privileged bourgeoisie the world has ever known. America, fuck yeah! This is what happens when you take corporate liberalism and expose it to gamma radiation.

In all seriousness, it is absolutely true that the construction of the white American middle class was one of the biggest and most effective projects of the United States government over the past 80 years. And in every aspect — the world-empire militarization; the cartelized, permanent warfare economy; the border controls ; the internal segregation; the subsidized white flight, car culture and Urban Renewal ; the Junior-G-man ethos and the law-and-orderist socioeconomic policing ; the stock-market bail-outs and the logic of Too Big To Fail; the institutionalization of everyday life and the full-spectrum pan-institutional promotion of patriarchal family , bourgeois respectability and bureaucratic meritocracy — the political manufacture of the white American middle class has been one of the most reactionary, destructive, dysfunctional, patriarchal and racist campaigns that American government has ever waged against human liberty, and the basic justification of every one of its most grievous assaults on the oppressed, exploited and socially marginalized.

Of course the federal government created the great [white] American middle class. To the eternal shame of both. Alongside claims of astonishing losses and irreparable damage being done to the entire industry, one notable defeatist mantra raised its head time and again. The massive rise of iTunes well and truly smashed that theory even if many were slow to admit it but another project in development not only had plans to compete with free by offering a decent basic service for no cost, but also had eyes on wooing customers into happily parting with their cash to obtain a superior product.

Five years after its launch in its Swedish homeland, Spotify is achieving its aims. Yesterday, in a bid to build stronger bridges with partners, Spotify launched SpotifyArtists , a new information portal designed to enable artists and their support services to better understand and utilize the streaming platform. Right from the beginning Spotify founder Daniel Ek held a solid belief that if his service offered a better experience and superior convenience than that being offered by The Pirate Bay, people would jump on board.

And they have. Earlier this year the service confirmed it had amassed a total of 24 million users worldwide, 18 million on their ad-supported service and 6 million paying a subscription. In Sweden, a market that should be the most difficult to turn around if file-sharing traditions are any barometer, Spotify says that the number of people who pirated music fell by 25 percent between and An impressive 8 out of 10 of those have now stopped completely. Norway, a success story documented earlier this year, has seen its piracy rates drop to just one-fifth of their levels four years earlier, with streaming services taking most of the credit.

At a time when The Pirate Bay is being accused of stagnation by people including former site spokesman Peter Sunde, Spotify is not only innovating but providing a better experience. Whether it will be good enough to reach the one billion users Daniel Ek hopes for remains to be seen, but Spotify is without doubt the best attempt at understanding and catering to the needs of pirates young and old there has ever been. Not surprising really, considering it was designed that way from the start.

While the agreement left room for the file-hosting service to continue its operations by implementing a filtering mechanism, the company has decided to throw in the towel. A few minutes ago the Hotfile site was replaced with an image with the following text:. If you are looking for your favorite movies or TV-shows online, there are more ways than ever today to get high quality access to them on legal platforms. The notice in question is strikingly similar to the one isoHunt displayed last month following its defeat at the hands of the movie studios.

The similarities suggest that both messages were drafted by the MPAA. The decision to shut down the site without giving any notice whatsoever is causing problems among users and businesses who relied on Hotfile to store files and documents. Samsung firmware provider SamMobile, for example , has been forced to move its files to another hosting provider with a two day break in service.

TorrentFreak has reached out to Hotfile to ask whether the company will offer a solution for affected users, but we have yet to hear back. Following the Megaupload debacle early this is the second major blow for a US-linked cloud hosting provider. Das Ergebnis ist jetzt im BartoKanal bei youtube zu sehen:. Darauf haben wir hier schon geantwortet. Auch der Physiker Dr. Und sie sammelt Spenden. As one of the most used file-sharing sites on the Internet, Hotfile has been a prime target for Hollywood.

February the MPAA filed a lawsuit against the file-hosting service. Since then they have been battling fiercely in court and after some delays a trial was scheduled to start next Monday. However, as in the case against isoHunt , the MPAA has decided to settle the case before a jury can decide on the matter. The countersuit, where Hotfile accused Warner Bros.

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The settlement deal was rubber stamped by the U. His research and subsequent article disclosed the fact that he was being paid by the homeopathic industry. Once I learn about this scandal, I wrote to some of the financiers directly and asked for an explanation. As a result, they discontinued their sponsorship.

Shortly afterwards, Fritzsche committed suicide. At heart, I have always been an optimist and strongly believe that in medicine the truth, in this case the evidence, will always prevail, no matter what obstacles others might put in its way. Recent developments seem to suggest that I might be right. In the last few years, several individuals in Germany have, from entirely different angles, taken a fresh look at the evidence on homeopathy and found it to be desperately wanting.

Independent of each other, they published articles and books about their research and insights. Here are 5 examples:. Inevitably, these individuals came into contact with each other and subsequently founded several working-groups to discuss their concerns and coordinate their activities.

Criticism on criticism on Homeopathy Pt.2: There are no good trials

So, now we have at least three overlapping groups of enthusiastic, multidisciplinary experts who voluntarily work towards informing the German public that paying for homeopathy out of public funds is unethical, nonsensical and not in the interest of progress:. No wonder then, that the German homeopathic industry and other interested parties got worried. When they realised that presumably due to the work of these altruistic enthusiasts the sales figures of homeopathics in Germany had, for the first time since many years, started declining, they panicked.

Their reaction was, as far as I can see, similar to their previous response to criticism: they started a media campaign in an attempt to sway public opinion. And just like before, they have taken to employing PR-people who currently spend their time defaming all individuals voicing criticism of homeopathy in Germany. Their prime targets are those experts who are most exposed to activities of responsibly informing the public about homeopathy via lectures, publications social media, etc. All of us currently receive floods of attack, insults and libellous defamations.

As before innovation does not seem to be a hallmark of homeopathy , these attacks relate to claims that:. Not because we are so well organised or have great resources — in fact, as far as I can see, we have none — but because, in medicine, the evidence is invincible and will eventually prevail. Progress might be delayed, but it cannot be halted by those who cling to an obsolete dogma.

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Just because people especially children are not dying anymore of previously common illnesses, frauds such as homeopathy, Ayurveda and other alternatives are thriving. Your email address will not be published.

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