The Secret of the Gilded Talon.

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Like x 5 Funny x 1. Welp, since I'm here, I guess I'll get on with Chapter How does one grow delusional enough to think you could take on Dumbledore And even then Sir Rabby , Dec 12, Self delusion is one of many things PLH is great at, just you wait hes sure to list them sooner or later. Spindler , Dec 12, This timeline is all screwy. Lockhart did not show up at Hogwarts a mere week after Harry Potter was injured fighting Quirrel.

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What is he even doing here this early? Sure, there are loads of other problems with this story but this one in particular stands out because he could have easily just not said he was limited to a week of time-travel with the Time Turner or had his character wake up in a bed in a Wizarding hotel instead of Hogwarts, thus avoiding the plot-hole entirely.

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SolipsistSerpent , Dec 12, Chapter 3. Will David be able to get a handle on the intrigue and danger of his job and find a way to keep his lover as well? Or will Shane become a casualty of Condor One's political decisions? This story picks up right where book one ends with no time lapse.

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There were times I thought David was a bit of a loose cannon, but where would the drama be with a perfect president? And there is a lot of good drama in this second book. The drama is much better balanced with the love story which shows the developing relationship very well.

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Sweet and sexy. Forgot your password? How about riffing Azalea Potter?

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It's only four chapters, and on the very first chapter the protagonist committs untold genocide. The whole trilogy! Harry Leferts , Mar 19, AndrewJTalon likes this.

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