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More basic were differences in the underlying approach to Biblical interpretation. For the Churches of Christ, any practices not present in accounts of New Testament worship were not permissible in the church, and they could find no New Testament documentation of the use of instrumental music in worship.

The “Works Cult”

For the Christian Churches, any practices not expressly forbidden could be considered. The term Campbellite is most often applied to the more conservative branches of the movement, including the Churches of Christ and the Christian churches and churches of Christ. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Historically associated groups [ edit ] Over time, strains grew within the Restoration Movement.

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Merriam-Webster, I. Eleventh ed.

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Entry on " Cambellite. Howard, What Is the Church of Christ?

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Restoration Movement Timeline. United movement, using various names. Christian Churches both.

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Independent and Co-operative. Christian churches and churches of Christ. In this booklet, the foundational proof texts for their heresies will be examined and shown that they are more akin to Roman Catholics than Bible-believing Christians.

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Peter S. Ruckman received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Alabama and finished his formal education with six years of training at Bob Jones University four full years and two accelerated summer sessions , completing requirements for the Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy degree.

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Reading at a rate of seven hundred words per minute, Dr. Ruckman had managed to read about 6, books before receiving his doctorate, and he still reads an average of a book each day. Ruckman stands for the absolute authority of the Authorized Version and offers no apology to any recognized scholar anywhere for his stand.