Electromagnetic Fields and Waves (Dover Books on Physics)

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As with most Dover reprints, this book is a good buy. I give it a solid four stars.

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It has a great balance among illustrations, text and equations. It is very clearly written. It has a good review of the associated math. If you want a great introduction to the Physics of electricity, this is the best book I've come across after having looked for 30 years.

Studies in Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics

I highly recommend it. Its one of Dover's best books I've read, and I've read a lot of them. I liked this book very much -- it starts with basic concepts such as scalar fields, and slowly builds upon mathematical and physical concepts to eventually arrive at Maxwell's equations. The book develops rather than assume the advanced principles needed for understanding of electromagnetism at an advanced level.

Having said that, it would be very difficult for someone who hasn't had college level calculus and who doesn't have a reasonable level of mathematical maturity to get much from this book.

Electromagnetic Fields and Interactions

This book is inappropriate for someone who wants a basic explanation of how a radio works. This book is appropriate for someone who has a solid understanding of electricity, magnetism, and intermediate mathematics, and who wants to go to the next level of understanding.

Electromagnetic Waves Energy

I am a amateur radio operator and have degrees in mathematics. The Electromagnetic Field. Electromagnetic Fields and Waves. Introduction to Electromagnetic Engineering.

Electromagnetic Fields and Waves (Dover Books on Physics)

Theory of Electromagnetic Wave Propagation. The Classical Electromagnetic Field. Atomic Physics and Human Knowledge. Atomic Physics: 8th Edition. Problems of Atomic Dynamics. A Collection of Problems in Mathematical Physics. Eight Lectures on Theoretical Physics. Elementary Statistical Physics.

Although an extensive background is not necessary, a general knowledge of physics and calculus is a prerequisite. Throughout the book, the development of each topic is explicit and unhurried, an approach intended to avoid basic misconceptions that lead to major misunderstandings later on. Short exercises help the student test his grasp of the material, and the text is studded with diagrams and illustrations that supplement the content and elucidate many hard-to-visualize concepts.

The book ends at a point where the use of Maxwell's equations in several important problems has been illustrated, and students are prepared to proceed to a variety of further topics. Professor Rojansky brings many years of experience both as a teacher and a scientist including ten years of advanced research at TRW Space Technologies Laboratories to this lucid discussion of the fundamentals of electromagnetic fields and waves.

His extensive pedagogical background enables him to communicate difficult concepts with great clarity. Reprint of the Prentice-Hall, Inc. Introduction to Electromagnetic Engineering.

The Classical Electromagnetic Field.